We don’t advertise for organizations we don’t understand, which is why all of our engagements start with strategy. We invest in deeply understanding your customers, competition and profit model from the outset through thorough research.

Our team of strategists have helped leading executives across industries better articulate and operationalize strategic insight. We understand what success requires and how we can achieve it long before we launch a campaign.



Rather than rest on our award-winning laurels, our writers, art directors, and designers continually elevate their craft as they work hand-in-hand with strategy and data to make meaningful, impactful work across all media. Far from generating art for its own sake, our measure of great creative is simple: “Does it work?”

Our team delivers on everything from full rebrands and creative refreshes to the nuts and bolts of  digital and traditional ad execution. We have experience producing everything from stripped-down social assets to award-winning Super Bowl ads.


Marketers now have access to more data than every other function in business combined. Our data and media teams structure, analyze and leverage every available data source to help deliver growth. Combining proprietary techniques in data science, statistics, data visualization, market research, media buying and attribution analytics, we can identify what is working and how to unlock more of it.

Our teams deliver unique insights about customer behavior and preferences and are capable of leveraging those insights to acquire them at a fraction of the cost of our competition.


We believe in the power of positive marketing. We are committed to ethical advertising practices including challenging the biases that exist in the largest advertising platforms. There are tools we refuse to use, and practices we won’t deploy to protect your company and customers. 

We do great work for authentically good companies.

cox for governor

Former governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman Jr., ran again in 2020. With high-profile connections and relationships, wide-spread visibility, and a name more recognizable than any other candidate in the state, he was expected to be the automatic choice in the primaries.

The underdog, Lt. Governor Spencer Cox, partnered with Fluid to defy the odds with a first-of-its-kind digital campaign.


The world’s largest active entertainment brand was hit especially hard by the sudden arrival of COVID-19. With the majority of their parks closed and consumer interest in the category plummeting, they needed fresh thinking and laser-focused tactics to jumpstart business.

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