CircusTrix, the world’s largest operator of indoor trampoline and active entertainment parks, has hundreds of parks around the world that are sustained by millions of annual visitors.

As COVID-19 spread, parks closed. With zero guests and revenue, potential bankruptcy loomed large. So, Fluid rewrote their marketing playbook to help turn things around.


Prior to 2020, CircusTrix enjoyed 45,000,000 annual visitors and climbing; more than the NFL, NBA, Disneyland, and Six Flags combined. When the pandemic hit, parks closed, and cash stopped flowing. Costs were cut across the board to make up for lost profits. 

After struggling for months to land an effective marketing plan, they were still short of generating the millions of dollars needed to sustain the business. 


Based on earlier successes with the brand, Fluid was tapped to help turn things around.


*Source: 2019 Sports Business Daily, 2018 Theme Index


The challenge for CircusTrix and Fluid was two-fold: maximize a limited budget to both jumpstart membership sales with limited park capacity, and convert new customers.

The solution

By leveraging Fluid’s proprietary modeling software and the best existing platform technology, we built an expansive targeting strategy. This allowed us to run tens of thousands of dynamic ad variants to thousands of unique audiences, with algorithmic improvements every day. In the end, CircusTrix experienced the highest performing advertising campaigns in company history.


Within four weeks, our team built a fully integrated campaign with their back-end data warehouse. This allowed us to pull real-time purchase data and match back individual-level marketing impact every day, so the executive team knew exactly what we were driving.


With new audiences and growing budgets, our creative team helped drive record-breaking membership sales with dynamic ad campaigns that focused on the value CircusTrix delivers for parents along with the unforgettable experiences they create for the whole family.


Multiple evergreen email campaigns were developed, branding updated, attractions named, and social media responses improved. With creative that was equally adept at brand-building and selling experiences as it was relaying exclusive offers and savings messages, we built a well-oiled creative machine that drove real growth.

CircusTrix Mobile Banner Ads

The Numbers

As CircusTrix saw the impact of marketing spend in the depths of the pandemic, the board approved a tripling of the marketing budget, leading to the highest performing year in company history.


Total online sales doubled and memberships sold online tripled, leading to a 2021 Q1 that exceeded revenue goals by 128%. 

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