A long-time favorite among runners nationwide, Ragnar was a go-to race series. Then COVID-19 shut the entire industry down.

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Like any great runner who knows the value of recovery time, Ragnar and Fluid worked together during the unexpected downtime to plot a course for a successful return to racing that would lead to sustained growth.


Since its first 24-hour relay in 2004, Ragnar has grown into the largest overnight relay series in the country. But 2020 brought all that momentum to a screeching halt.


As vaccines became available and restrictions eased, Ragnar and loyal runners alike were eager to get back on their feet.


But after almost a year with no races, the herculean task of reconnecting with runners and restarting operations fell on a skeleton crew of Ragnar team members.


With limited resources, Ragnar needed help communicating that their races were back on in cities across the country.


We delivered a long-term plan complete with strategic media deployment and fresh creative thinking that hit the right audience with the right insights.

The solution

With races resuming, we needed to deliver participants. In three phases, we launched dynamic digital campaigns to announce all confirmed race locations, and jumpstart registrations.


The Hurts So Good campaign tapped into the unique mindset of Ragnar’s most fervent participants who embrace the difficulty and discomfort of the races and made a unique emotional appeal. It was a celebration of the return of Ragnar and everything that came with it—all the way down to the muscle cramps, chafing and toe blisters.


As data rolled in detailing the campaign’s success, we continued to optimize, ensuring the campaign was its most persuasive. The response reassured the team that Ragnar had re-established themselves as a leader in the racing industry.


Together with Ragnar’s executive team, we also developed the brand’s five-year strategic direction, setting a clear path for the brand’s continued success.

The Numbers

Site users, ad impressions and ad clicks surged to triple digit percentiles as Ragnar saw massive increases in registrations with over 3,200 teams in 26 races across the country. 

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