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Cox for Governor - Proven Leadership Billboard
Cox for Governor - Proven Leadership Billboard

The challenge

When it comes to creative challenges, the old David and Goliath predicament is one of the toughest to crack. How do you compete with the presumed victor when you’re out-gunned, out-spent, and less known? In 2019, then Lt. Governor of Utah, Spencer Cox, asked us to find an answer as he was facing down former Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. in the state’s gubernatorial primary.


Huntsman had extremely high name recognition, a long list of high-profile positions, and a stack of endorsements from D.C. elites. We homed in on those endorsements as our opportunity to craft a great creative strategy and give our “David” a fighting chance.

The solution

We created Spencer Cox’s grassroots campaign, “Endorsed by Utah.” By putting the power of influence into the hands of real Utahans, we recast Huntsman’s endorsements from career politicians as a weakness. Fresh executions and innovative use of social platforms made everyday people the strongest advocates for the Cox campaign.


Spencer Cox went on to upset Huntsman in the Republican Primary by 1%, then overwhelmingly win the gubernatorial race in November 2020.

Cox for Governor - Grassroots Campaign
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