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Starbucks So, Lo, Mo

15 Nov, 2016 McKell Naegle

Some may call me a Starbucks addict, and I wouldn’t disagree (as I pause to take a sip of my Mocha Latte).

Not only are their drinks (especially the seasonal ones) the warming, yummy goodness I need to pick me up in the morning, but they have pioneered the mobile marketing movement as well.

Since the start of the Social, Local, Mobile (SoLoMo) trend, Starbucks has introduced smart, mobile wallet apps. It all began with their Gold gift card program and progressed from there.

As social has continued to consume our lives, Starbucks has integrated with social accounts. They captured consumer instant sharing by allowing consumers to share Twitter eGifts with their friends through their app. Starbucks recognized the trend and took advantage of it.

Another top feature Starbucks has available is “Find Nearest Store”. They allow consumers to immediately find the closet store, to find various location payment requirements and to check in to any store. Through this interaction, Starbucks helps the consumer instantly and even has a bookmark feature for your favorite locations. They have also done special deals where you can check into a certain location to get a free offer. This easy availability for Starbucks has upped their game drastically.

So what does this mean for your local shop or brand? Well, it’s time to take advantage of the SoLoMo movement that has taken over the world. Take the charge and make a community that everyone can be a part of. Create brand loyalty by always being accessible, connected and informational to your consumer.

But where do you start? I say start small. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Try some simple local ads that target IP and mobile locations or push a daily promotion to shoppers who came into your store or are in your store’s proximity.
  • Create a phone sign-up once shoppers make a purchase or check in to one of your cafes.
  • Allow consumers to share their experience at your store or with your brand.

All in all, take a page out the Starbucks playbook and start connecting with your consumers using daring, innovative SoLoMo. Become an all-in-one shop where consumers can make payments, send messages, earn points, receive promotions, etc. (the possibilities are endless). And when creating your strategy, just think to yourself, what will help create brand loyalty? How can I please consumers in the community and gain their undying support?






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