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Oscar Health is Making Sure You’re Covered

17 Oct, 2017 Kayla LeFevre

A recent decision to cut 90% of the Affordable Care Act advertising budget has affected plans across the nation to designate resources toward a successful sign up rate for 2018 healthcare plans.

But despite the drastic cut to spending, one insurance company in New York is taking awareness into their own hands to help pick up the slack. Always admirers of worthy advertising here at Fluid, we took a closer look at Oscar Health’s ad campaign.

The Problem

Other than obvious budget headaches, these cuts will impact the number of agents available to help guide signees through the complicated process and confusing language, better understand which plans are best for their families, and tax breaks they qualify for. Along with the dramatically reduced financial resources, the window to enroll in federally-run exchanges for 2018 has also been cut from three months to six weeks, between November 1 to December 15.

To combat the challenges of promoting awareness, though, Oscar Health has launched an ad campaign that targets young people to begin thinking of enrolling in health care plans more than a month ahead of the start date.

The Creative

These ads feature people wearing a bandage across commonly treated areas, such as the knee, throat or even a pregnant belly, with a very simple and straight forward message of being “covered” that promotes the benefit of having health insurance in a concise manner.

The vibrant backdrops of the images provide a perfect pop that catches the eye, while a short and sweet tagline gets the message across without the audience having to stop to read it all and analyze what it means. A quick check on their Facebook page, and you immediately see the same campaign across their cover photo, establishing a familiar consistency to ease the transition step by step.


The Application

The posters have been strategically placed across buses and subway stations to target commuters as they go about their daily schedule and are not thinking about the upcoming enrollment season, and will be complemented with TV ads and radio spots. These ads will run across the six states that Oscar does business – New York, New Jersey, Ohio, California, Florida and Tennessee.

The Conclusion

This combination of human-centered images with bright colors, a clear tagline with a consistent payoff, and a uniformed digital presence utilizes an effective method to accomplish the objective: getting people to sign up in time for healthcare coverage in 2018.

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