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How to Know When to Unfriend a Friend

21 Jun, 2016 McKell Naegle

Let’s face it; not all Facebook friends are created equal. Thankfully, the compassionate minds at Facebook understand how frustrating it can be to tolerate an unqualified Facebook friend, and they have blessed us with the unfriend button.

Avoiding a friend in the supermarket or on a bus can be very difficult, but unfriending a friend is easy. The hard part is knowing when it is ok to click that unfriend button. We’ve listed six types of Facebook friends below that automatically justify an unfriending. Following these guidelines will give you the confidence you need to know when the time for unfriending is right. And if you happen to be any of these friends, please take our advice and make a change before it is too late.

  1. The Self-Elected Politician

Whether you agree with this friend’s political views or not, too many posts on political issues can be a little much, and an election year can be downright dangerous. Making the decision to unfriend this friend can be difficult, as the accused is normally a grandparent or another passionate family member. For such cases where you’d rather avoid Thanksgiving table drama, Facebook has also provided you with an “unfollow” button, which allows you to hide all of your friend’s post while still remaining friends.

  1. The Whiner

Some potential victims like to use Facebook like their personal journal, feeling no shame in expressing how bad their day was, or how challenging their life is. If it’s really so difficult that you need to talk to someone, pick up the phone, or go for a visit. Otherwise, you could find yourself pretty friendless online, which won’t help your life but it will help everybody else’s.

  1. The Combined Account

You’ve seen them, those newlyweds who decide to delete their own accounts and create a super Facebook account fueled by their love. This situation might appear cute and romantic at first, but the problems never take long to surface. It’s never clear who the account administrator is; did she write that comment or did he? Is he liking other women’s photos or is his wife doing the liking? Not to mention the awkwardness when Facebook notifies you of the account’s birthday and you’re not sure whose birthday it is of the two.

  1. The Great Offender

It’s always hard to tolerate people who choose to post racist, sexist, violent, or other offensive material on Facebook. This person doesn’t care what anyone thinks of them, they’re content just hanging their outrageous opinions out for all the neighbors to see. No one will judge you for unfriending these people.

  1. The Serial Sharer

The internet is full of some fun and entertaining stuff, no doubt. But you don’t need to click share every time you find a cat playing with baby toys. A person sharing article after video after article after video might as well upload a pdf of their browser history for the day. Scrolling past an infinite number of posts from one individual can get annoying very quickly. So limit the number of times you click “share” a day, and you’ll live to be a friend another day.

  1. The Baby Bomber

Some babies are a lot cuter than others but try convincing an ugly baby’s parents of this. And for reasons unknown to science or religion, it’s alway these parents who decide to post pictures of their babies over and over and over again. And you know the type of photos I’m talking about; out of focus, poorly lit photos taken with last year’s iPhone. Most of these photos consist of uneventful moments and include up to 5 alternate angles of the same pose. Sometimes unfriending this friend until the child moves out is the only solution.

The unfriendable list goes on and on, and not a blog post in the world could list all the reasons why unfriending is necessary, partly because new offenses arise every single day. But you now have enough knowledge to protect yourself, and remembering these examples will give you confidence when it’s time to click the unfriend button.
Now, get out there, and make your Facebook feed a safer place.

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