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The Best Place to Hide a Body is Page 2 of Google

29 Oct, 2015 McKell Naegle

“The best place to hide a body is page 2 of Google.” I’m sure you’re familiar with this unknown quote and the clear point it illustrates. Page 1 of Google is where you want to be.


You’ve heard the saying, but just how true is it? Is page 2 of Google really somewhere no one ever goes? In short, the answer is yes. Page 1 of Google receives overwhelming clicks, and Page 2 isn’t even close. Here are some jaw-dropping stats.


  • The number one organic search result drives 33% of clicks.
  • Page 1 results contain over 90% of traffic.
  • Page 2 receives less than 5% of traffic.
  • Pages 3 receives about 1% of traffic.
  • Paid search results receive about 10% of traffic.


If you’re not on page one, odds are you’re not being seen. With over 90% of traffic coming from page 1, it shows just how important it is to be there. Few advance to page 2, and even fewer advance to page 3 and beyond.


What Can You Do?


So you pulled up Google and found your company is ranking on page 2 (or worse!) of Google. What to do? First of all, look into hiring a good advertising agency or SEO firm. This is where you can expect to find the best results. Without going into specifics, there are a few easy things to do to boost your search results.


  1. Make sure you’re targeting the correct keywords. You simply can’t rank for everything. It’s important to find the few keywords your business wants to rank for and put your time and energy into those.
  2. Don’t expect immediate results. SEO results are hard to predict. Many people want to see their site on page 1 of Google right away. Be willing to wait. The results will come with time and effort.
  3. Use Google products. Google rewards businesses that take advantage of what Google has to offer. Make sure your Google+ page is set up, your Google My Business account is confirmed, and that you follow all the guidelines outlined by Google. This should help your business.


If you recently searched for your company and found it in the graveyard of page 2, don’t despair. There may be some strange things in the later pages of Google search, but you can make it back into the relevance of page 1. It will take time and effort, but it is possible.

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