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Website Design & Development

It’s more than just 0’s and 1’s.
Mobile Apps

Total Function in the Palm of your Hand

We’re sure you’ve noticed the growing trend these days of mobile devices. We have. Not only does everyone have a smartphone, but they’re going to their phones to check their social media, news, weather and general search needs that arise. It’s because of this trend that the importance of creating an easy-to-use yet still engaging mobile app is so important. ...
Web Apps

Show off your Awesome power

Wondering whether you need a web app instead of a website for your digital networking? Not only is having an online presence crucial in today’s digital age, it needs to deliver the kind of experience your consumers are looking for. Creating an interactive web app can let them see what your company can do for them. ...

Redefining What a Website Means

Web Development at Fluid is focused around pushing the limits of what can reasonably be called a “website”. We’re constantly seeking, exploring, testing and using the newest technologies, languages, frameworks and environments to push our own boundaries. That passion has resulted in some outstanding work, if we do say so ourselves. ...

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