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Logo Design

All you need to know about a brand in a single mark

Who knew a logo could say so much about you? The fact of the matter is that it only takes a few short seconds to form a first impression about a brand, but it can take a lifetime to overcome it. At Fluid, that fact isn’t lost on us. And we know that your logo design often is your first impression. It’s how you tell your consumers who you are and what you’re all about before they have a chance to get to know you. It’s how they decide if they like you enough to scroll a little further down on your website, or bother to read the message in your digital ad, or consider buying one of your products. No pressure there, right?


Good thing is, our design team thrives on that kind of pressure. Because they see it as an opportunity to create something new and unique and to set you apart from your competition. And even when it means locking themselves in an office for days at a time, foregoing any effort to maintain normal hygiene and eating nothing but bright orange cheese balls while squinting at a computer monitor three inches in front of their face — they’re up for the task. It’s their way of ensuring that during the split-second when your audience first encounters your logo and instantly forms an opinion about your brand, it’ll be the one you want them to.

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