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Corporate Collateral

Presentation at its finest

Whether they’re aware of it or not, anyone who comes into contact with your brand is judging you based on, at least partially, your design choices. At every event and trade show you attend, in every newsletter you write, every brochure and business card you hand out, every case study you publish and every product you package, you’re constantly being evaluated. Our designers are well aware of that fact (mostly because they’re doing it all the time themselves). But the question is, how do you make sure you convey the message you want to at all these touch points?

At Fluid, it starts by building a design system composed of a set of colors, fonts, styles, photo treatments and any other design elements your brand calls for. Then we take that system and implement it across the board with every piece of corporate collateral in your arsenal to create a consistent visual experience that’s both powerful and memorable. Our designers are masters when it comes to corporate collateral design and more than capable of managing your visual brand across everywhere it goes.

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