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Account Based Marketing

Reeling in the Big One

While lead generation casts a wide enough net to feed a village, it doesn’t do much for getting the big kahuna on the hook. This is where ABM comes in handy. ABM can help you take high-producing accounts and sell them on more of your services, which turns into a win-win for both you and your target.

So how do you reach those high-producing accounts? Why, with data of course. ABM doesn’t just try to reach anyone who’s in that same industry, but rather the one that counts – the decision maker of the company you’re targeting. Just like how you use different bait for tuna and halibut, no two accounts are the same. Each requires a slightly unique approach. By investing in durable equipment, having a store of needed tools on hand, a supporting team to keep you afloat and a whole lot of patience, you’ll be reeling in that record-breaking account in no time.

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