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It’s a true writer’s medium. But to be effective, radio advertising has to be much more than just words. It has to draw us in, stir up our emotions, spark our imaginations, tell a story and compel us to take action. Because on radio, the competition isn’t just the other brands you’re currently warring with over market share. It’s wacky drive-time DJs named Skidd Marxx, the newest Taylor Swift single and face-melting guitar solos from your favorite 80’s hair bands. It’s the daily grind of traffic congestion, the constant emails in your inbox and sleepy afternoon daydreams at your desk. Standing out amongst all of that is no easy task.

At Fluid, we keep all this in mind with every radio spot we produce. It drives us to tell better stories, create more colorful characters, perfect the brand voice, obsess over every word and sound-effect, and push to get the most out of our voice talent to make sure you get heard and, more importantly, remembered.

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