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Ad Campaign

Millenials vs. Manufacturing

The Utah Manufacturers Association needed a campaign that would resonate with millennials and influence them to pursue more careers in the manufacturing industry. They wanted to use the most influential touch points to make sure their campaign reached this specific audience.


Finding the right voice

Fluid tackled this problem with a creative and unique approach that differed from any campaign efforts that had been done before in this industry. A strong conceptual message that focused more on the power of choice and trailblazing toward new opportunities gave manufacturing an effective and persuasive voice to talk to this graduating group of millennials.


How it increased enrollment

The success of this campaign came from Fluid’s curated strategy for the social media channels that millennials are strongly associated with. During the campaign, over 5,787 students were exposed to manufacturing specific pathways and 11,834 new contacts were established through social media channels.

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