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News Article 4

19 Feb, 2018 Frank Imler News Category 2

Orbiting the planet at maximum velocity. The moon with the Rebel base will be in range in thirty minutes. This will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of Kenobi and it will soon see the end of the Rebellion.

Close up formation. You’d better let her loose. Almost there! I can’t hold them! It’s away! It’s a hit! Negative. Negative! It didn’t go in. It just impacted on the surface. Red Leader, we’re right above you. Turn to point… oh-five, we’ll cover for you. Stay there… I just lost my starboard engine. Get set to make your attack run.

It looks like Sandpeople did this, all right. Look, here are Gaffi sticks, Bantha tracks. It’s just…I never heard of them hitting anything this big before. They didn’t. But we are meant to think they did. These tracks are side by side. Sandpeople always ride single file to hide there numbers. These are the same Jawas that sold us Artoo and Threepio. And these blast points, too accurate for Sandpeople. Only Imperial stormtroopers are so precise. Why would Imperial troops want to slaughter Jawas? If they traced the robots here, they may have learned who they sold them to. And that would lead them home! Wait, Luke! It’s too dangerous. Uncle Owen! Aunt Beru! Uncle Owen!

My scope’s negative. I don’t see anything. Keep up your visual scanning. With all this jamming, they’ll be on top of you before your scope can pick them up. Biggs! You’ve picked one up…watch it! I can’t see it! Where is he?! He’s on me tight, I can’t shake him…I can’t shake him. Hang on, Biggs, I’m coming in. Got him!

Jabba’s through with you. He has no time for smugglers who drop their shipments at the first sign of an Imperial cruiser. Even I get boarded sometimes. Do you think I had a choice? You can tell that to Jabba. He may only take your ship. Over my dead body. That’s the idea. I’ve been looking forward to killing you for a long time. Yes, I’ll bet you have. Sorry about the mess.

We count thirty Rebel ships, Lord Vader. But they’re so small they’re evading our turbo-lasers! We’ll have to destroy them ship to ship. Get the crews to their fighters. Luke, let me know when you’re going in. I’m on my way in now… Watch yourself! There’s a lot of fire coming from the right side of that deflection tower. I’m on it. Squad leaders, we’ve picked up a new group of signals. Enemy fighters coming your way.

Until this battle station is fully operational we are vulnerable. The Rebel Alliance is too well equipped. They’re more dangerous than you realize. Dangerous to your starfleet, Commander, not to this battle station! The Rebellion will continue to gain a support in the Imperial Senate as long as…. The Imperial Senate will no longer be of any concern to us. I’ve just received word that the Emperor has dissolved the council permanently. The last remnants of the Old Republic have been swept away. That’s impossible! How will the Emperor maintain control without the bureaucracy?

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