Reinventing an $8B London based tech company

Hopin is the largest virtual events platform in the world. Its stratospheric early growth was driven by shut-downs and remote work—but as the world got back to normal, Hopin needed a new way to connect with and retain its massive new customer base.

Hopin - Connected - Desktop


With the demand for virtual events dropping, Hopin needed to break through with an emotionally resonant brand position that could outlast the pandemic. 

Hopin London & NYC Electronic Billboards
Hopin - Digital Billboards in London
Hopin - Digital Billboards NYC

The solution

Fluid designed an omni-channel media strategy to deliver Hopin’s branding message to a worldwide, targeted audience. Hopin’s creative assets, a mix of digital and traditional (and not so traditional) billboards, banner ads and video, hinged on the brand promise that Hopin makes you ‘Feel Closer,’ highlighting the suite of products beyond their famous events packages.


The campaign was a truly international undertaking with placements across North America and Europe, including out-of-home in Times Square, central London and other major markets.


Precision targeting, resonant creative provided by the client, reliable attribution data and the ability to optimize in real-time to changes in channel performance were key to this branding campaign’s success.

Hopin - Airport & Mobile Ads
Hopin - Airport Billboard
Hopin - Mobile Ad

The Numbers

This global campaign ran in Europe and North America and was among the most successful digital campaigns in company history. Fluid drove new users at less than half the cost of existing campaigns with a 77% improvement in cost per session with only branded (not conversion-focused) creative. Most importantly, search interest for Hopin broke its correlation with search interest for virtual events–delivering on the ultimate business objective.

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