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What you’re doing wrong on Pinterest

5 Mar, 2014 McKell Naegle

Pinterest has been gobbled up by mommy bloggers everywhere and it has quickly been labeled as the social network of choice for moms, but they are using it wrong. It’s a great tool for remembering the awesome. Let’s take it back and make it a place where everyone wants to be. It’s easy to find articles on why you should use Pinterest or steps to pin for results, but I’m here to tell you why you’re doing it wrong.

Though it may seem at first that this is the point of Pinterest, it is not. Yes, you follow lots of cool people and they all post amazing things, but you don’t have to repin it all. It’s fine to repin the ones you absolutely don’t want to forget, but make this a very small portion of your actual pins. As the SEO mantra goes, “Content is King”—so find new and exciting content outside of Pinterest and use the browser’s Pinterest button to throw them up on your wall.

I know you absolutely love every cut and color of shirt at Forever21.com, but don’t pin every single item on their site in a 15-minute period of time. It will fill up your followers’ home screens with a ton of the same thing and they will end up unfollowing you. Pin a couple things at once and then give it a rest; you’ve got lots of more important things to do besides pinning.

Find a few things that you are passionate about and load up your boards with those things. For me it’s motorcycles, tattoos, design and cars. If you are passionate about something, then chances are a million other people are too. It’s all about the photo, so if the photography is bad, skip it. Pinterest lets you put in a headline for the image, but guess what—no one reads it, so don’t fret about it too much, and definitely don’t put more than a sentence in. It’s all about the pics.

I know your aunt Mary is on Pinterest as well as your other 500 Facebook friends, but don’t follow them unless they pin great things that you can’t live without seeing. Those who you follow tend to follow you back because you share common interests and are working towards the same goal. If you notice that your cousin Steve is pinning a million stupid sayings a day and you do nothing but skim past them, unfollow him. Pinterest is no place for feelings.

These are a great way to hook up with like-minded individuals and find new ideas and people to follow. If you are invited to one and you like what they are pinning, do it. Likewise, start one and invite your pin heroes to join you.

Don’t pin your own stuff, period. If you are an awesome crochet artist and can’t wait to share your god-given gift with the rest of the world, put it up on a website and share it so that others can pin it for you. Them’s the rules; don’t pin your own images.

Give me a follow and maybe if you put up good stuff, I’ll follow you back. pinterest.com/jimkiller/

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