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Yellow Pages is dead

19 Jul, 2013 McKell Naegle

Yesterday, as I pulled into my driveway returning home from a long day at work, I saw something on my front porch: a Yellow Pages book. They still print these? I picked it up, walked over to the trash and tossed it in. This ancient directory is delivered to my home a few times a year and always ends up in the trash within a few seconds. But honestly, am I alone? Am I the only person who does this? Make sure to answer the poll down at the bottom of this post that poses the question “What do you do with your Yellow Pages?”

In a conversation that I was having with my Uncle Bruce a while back, he told me that he pays $500 a month to advertise his dental practice in the Yellow Pages print phonebook. To a small business owner, the digital marketing world was just confusing and complex, so he decided to go with the ancient practice of listing his business in the phone book. He spent $6,000 a year to advertise his business in a directory that no one looks at anymore! How many new patients was he receiving as a result of his print ads? We will have no idea because like most forms of traditional advertising goes, Yellow Pages advertising is immeasurable.

If you have read any of my articles, I always stress ditching traditional and going digital. Let’s assume that my dear Uncle Bruce spent $500 per month on a search engine optimization campaign. People actually use a strange innovation called the Internet to search for things; weird, I know, but it’s true.

Let’s say that I live in Utah Valley, about a half hour south of Salt Lake City, and I have a terrible toothache. I get on my computer. I Google “dentists in Utah Valley,” and guess what? Poor Uncle Bruce isn’t on the first page, nor the second page, nor the third page . . . You get the point. He does, however, have an awesome ad in the Yellow Pages. But even the best Yellow Pages ad is inferior to the worst digital marketing campaign.



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