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Year-In-Review Webinar Recap

10 Dec, 2015 McKell Naegle

For the month of November, Fluid focused on the year-in-review. We took a look back at some of the biggest stories and technology within the advertising industry, and how we did with some of our own predictions. To finish off the month, we held a webinar focusing on a few topics. The webinar was hosted by Fluid’s digital marketing strategist Dustin Cederholm, Fluid managing partner Phil Case, and Mark Walker, VP of marketing and media relations at Energy Solutions.


Below are our ten predictions for 2015 and if we were correct.

1. Digital Marketing continues to grow. This prediction was correct. Digital marketing and digital marketing agencies continue to grow every year, with and expected growth of 100% in five years. Look for next year to be even bigger for marketing than this year.

2. Segmentation continues to benefit from social. This prediction was correct. As social content is used more, social media reporting and analytics become even more important. Audiences can be defined, and specific audiences can be reached.

3. Sales takes a step back. This prediction was incorrect. The opposite took place this year. Sales and marketing came closer together, with sales being implemented even sooner in the marketing process. The rise of mobile, including the use of the call-to-action and sales button was very big this year.

4. Businesses focus on optimization. This prediction was neither correct nor incorrect. While businesses have always focused on optimization to a degree, we expected that to take off this year. While it still remains important to focus on business, site, and mobile optimization, among other areas, it isn’t yet the huge focus we expected.

5. Digital budgets look differentThis prediction was correct. Marketing budgets continue to move more towards digital media and away from traditional. In addition, personalized marketing strategies are on the rise. Creating quality content to market target towards the right people with proper marketing strategy is helping businesses grow more than ever.

6. Retargeting is how to say PLA. This prediction was neither correct nor incorrect. People are not yet ready to completely to give up on PLA. Search and site retargeting are growing, but not everyone has been quick to accept it.

7. Website’s relationship with mobile goes steadyThis prediction was correct. The emphasis on mobile was huge this year. In many of the biggest countries, mobile search now outweighs desktop search. In addition, Google has made several changes to their algorithm, giving more weight to mobile-friendly websites. Mobile is more important than ever before.

8. Relevance is core to content strategy. This prediction was correct. Today, the first thing many businesses look at is success in marketing. There are many ways to measure success in content marketing, but it’s important to determine your criteria and stick to it.

9. The request for content queue piles up. This prediction was correct. Many major publications continue to discuss the importance of content marketing, and there has been almost a 10-fold increase in content marketing searches on Google.

10. Your CEO asks a question about marketing automationThis prediction was incorrect. While marketing automation is growing very rapidly, it is not fully integrated within every level of every company. However, there are nearly 11 times more organizations with marketing automation today than there were in 2011.


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