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Write and publish your press releases online!

16 Feb, 2010 McKell Naegle

Write post press releases online print offline

  • The key thing to remember is the audience. They will influence how your write. Consider these points:

Will this release go to the local area press or is it more for a national audience?

Will you send it to a targeted audience?

Will this be something you put in print and online or just one medium?

What type of tone, sentence structure, etc. will resonate best with your audience?

  • Remember you need a great title that demands attention.  This is the first text they see and will either entice them to read more or cause them to stop reading.
  • Keep it newsworthy.  No reporter wants yet another advertisement about how great your company is. It may be great, but that’s not news. Tell them something NEW about you.
  • Keep it brief (single page).  Reporters are bombarded with press releases, so tell them succinctly why your story is important.
  • Give the news upfront. Don’t hide your news in the middle or give your release a “surprise” ending.  Get to the point—be clear and concise.
  • Make the headline eye-catching (and even a little surprising). Cause readers to have to look twice.
  • Include facts and figures.  Reporters (and people in general) love to get their hands on the latest poll or a study with a surprising outcome.
  • Quote experts.  Nothing says you are a credible news source like an expert who agrees with your story and will back up your points.
  • At the end, let the audience know where they can get more information. This would include a website, email address, or even your phone number.  If someone wants to cover your story, or blog about it, they will probably want to know where to direct their audience as well.

Want to distribute your press release or need someone to write it or edit it for you?  Fluid Studio can help.

If you are a DIYer (Do It Yourselfer), see some good inexpensive (or FREE) sites we recommend below:

Be in Yahoo! News

Make the online buzz about you

The Press Release Newswire Leader

Increase Traffic to Your Website – Join the LinkConnector Network

Submit to this list of sites free of charge (special thanks to NakedPR for helping with this list):

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