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The Internet: Where it’s Easter Every Day

17 Apr, 2019 Zack Warren Holidays

It’s that time of year again. The birds are chirping, the grass is growing, the mornings aren’t as punch-you-in-the-face cold. It’s SPRING TIME. And with that comes our favorite holiday for celebrating eggs… from a bunny… it totally makes sense if you think about it for, like, two seconds. Any longer and it makes no sense at all. However, this brings up one of my favorite things, which is Easter eggs. No, not the ones you hunt in your Nanna’s back yard, or if you’re a parent, easily spot and then have to pretend that your child’s a genius for finding, while you hold them by the hand and carefully drag them in the exact direction of this “hidden” egg.

I’m talking about the secret things that creators hide in their precious works, that only the keen of eye will spot. For example, the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story showing up in (almost) all of the other Pixar movies, or R2D2 and C3PO showing up in Indiana Jones as cave drawings. If you blink you’ll miss them, most of the time. But when you do spot them (or get told about them from some random blog article written by a guy who hates writing and blogs), you are in the know, and that’s a special feeling.

Just like in the movies, there are Easter eggs hidden all throughout the internet. Some of your favorite websites probably have an Easter egg or two hidden in their source code, or activated through a specific set of key strokes. Let’s walk through my top 5 Easter eggs hidden across the web.

1. Google

Google has quite a few Easter eggs. Here are a couple of my favorites.

  • Atari Breakout: To activate, go to Google Images and search “Atari Breakout”. The screen will transform into an interactive game you can play. Fun, right?
  • Blink Tag: To view, go to Google and search “Blink Tag”. This is a nod to the HTML Blink tag (which you shouldn’t use anymore).
  • Do a barrel roll: To view, go to Google and search “Do a barrel roll”. For all of those Star Fox fans out there.
2. Amazon

Amazon’s Easter egg requires you to go in to the console.

In most browsers, this is done by right-clicking the page and clicking “Inspect Element”. When you do that, you’ll notice a little duck in the page source saying “MEOW”… for some reason.

3. Wikipedia

Wikipedia has an Easter egg in probably the most obvious spot you could think of. The Easter egg page! However, you will need to be a little crafty. In the image, at the top right of the page, click on the turtle. Ta-da! You should now see a basket of eggs. What a thrill, am I right?


This Easter egg assumes you have watched the film This Is Spinal Tap. For those who have seen it, just click that link over there. For those that haven’t, there’s a funny scene in the movie that talks about guitar amps going up to 11 on the volume knob, rather than just ten. IMDB has incorporated this into their star rating for this movie and allowed it to go up to 11.

5. Fluid

You didn’t think we’d leave ourselves out of all the fun, did you? Of course not. Head on back to our blog archive and type these exact keys, in order: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a.

Okay then, that’s enough fun for one day. Happy Easter, from your pals at Fluid!

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