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Why foil stamping often gives you the “little extra” on your print project

22 May, 2010 McKell Naegle

Foil stamping is a special kind of printing procedure where heat, pressure, and metallic paper (foil) create different shiny designs and graphics on various materials.

Foil stamping is also often referred to as hot stamping (because of the use of heat), foil printing, dry stamping, and leaf stamping.

There are various types of foil stamping that can be used depending on your design needs.

In the foil stamping process, the die or the sculpted metal plate comes in contact with the foil and transfers a thin layer of the foil film onto the intended surface. As the metal plate is heated, the foil sticks to the surface only in the design of the plate and in the required areas with the desired imprint.

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