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Why Fluid Loves Marketing

16 Feb, 2016 McKell Naegle

Valentine’s Day is for remembering those you love and why you love them. Fluid loves a lot of things, and while each of us has different responsibilities, we all love one thing in common: marketing.

There are so many reasons to fall in love with marketing, and we wanted to share some of our love stories with you. Read through them and then comment below why you love marketing too.

Jonathan Rodriguez SEO WizardJonathan Rodriguez, SEO wizard

My father was a traditional ad man, to his core. Watching the Super Bowl each year wasn’t about the game; it was always about the commercials. He taught me how to speak to a specific audience by crafting a unique message. To dad, advertising wasn’t about manipulative, tacky ad placement; it was a special form of communication that whispered to the hearts and minds of the public. I grew up in a household that was captivated by the magic of a great commercial or advertisement and the genius and intent that was behind it. What I love about advertising is that an exceptional ad can speak to our inner child and bring back the enchantment of growing up.

Doreen Garstka PhotoDoreen Decker, account manager

My grandfather used to work in an advertising agency. He created signs way back in the day and told me all about it. I was always interested in what he was doing and after seeing all of the coca cola commercials I became a big fan of advertising. Ever since I was 15, I knew I wanted to work in an advertising agency. I started working in advertising 14 years ago.

Todd HooperTodd Hooper; digital marketing intern

I’m new to marketing, so new in fact you could say we are still in our “honeymoon phase,” but I hope our relationship develops into something deep and abiding. Why? I love the moment you realize that you’ve made something that sparks joy in the person that sees it. It takes bravery to go out on a limb, and like any relationship it takes exposing your vulnerabilities and hoping for the best. Sometimes you fail—but even failure turns into success when you learn from it. In reality, the risk often pays off, literally. What could be more fulfilling than seeing a smile on someone’s face because of something you wrote while in the process building real value and brand equity for your client. Ah, that’s the best…it’s the moment that makes every creative risk worth it.

Dustin Cederholm PhotoDustin Cederholm, digital marketing strategist

I love marketing, especially for an agency, because of the diverse number of clients I get to work with. Each client has custom needs and goals. It is a lot of fun to work together with them to solve their business challenges and watch as they see success from each campaign. I also love marketing because of the opportunity to tell a story, then watch a consumer transition through each sales category from awareness to consideration to decision. The heuristic and psychological elements are fascinating to study.

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