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What’s Santa Bringin’ to Town?

18 Dec, 2008 McKell Naegle

I thought that it would be fun to see what the crew at Fluid wanted for Christmas this year. Take a look at our extensive list, and if you’re really feeling the holiday cheer you can get Kevin his $2000 dog speaker. Let’s get started . . . it’s a long list.

I picked this fancy camera from Veer. Enter the world of extreme close-ups. The only camera in the world with a built-in fisheye lens, this two-tone beauty features a sweeping 170-degree field of view. Barrel distortion compacts your photos to appear as if inside a glass ball: the center bulging larger than life, the borders wrapped to a circular edge. Each 35mm camera includes premium glass optics, built-in electronic flash powered by one “AA” battery, wrist strap, and editorial booklet.

John‘s picks are:

The leg lamp from A Christmas Story & the dress shoe that was thrown at President Bush recently (up for auction on Ebay).

Kevin has the longest list but they are all really cool items and I’m sure that anyone would love them. Items are as follows; Billboard birdhouse, charging station, log bowls, nesting bowls, Pantone mugs, Phonophone II, Marg Vase, Woofer speaker set, and a desk set.

Shannon wants this vintage Presto electric egg cooker.

Megan Z is hoping for a new Sony Blue-Ray player


Matt has been watching too much TV and can’t get his mind of off this Princess Unicorn doll.


Megan Morris needs a premium Bose sound system since she is missing the bass from the subwoofer out of her old car.

Phil is looking to move shortly.

Luat is going to join him in space in his 1983 Honda Puyo.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Fluid Studio! If you have a great Holiday gift make sure and let us know by posting a comment, we’d love to see what you hope Santa brings this year.

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