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What makes a marketer a true social media expert?

11 Jun, 2009 McKell Naegle


I love Microgeist.

A great blog with valuable messaging.

I read a post on the site recently entitled “What a Social Media Expert should be.”

I agree with many of the tenets, which I have summarized below.

For the full article, click HERE.

a) Awareness of the available social media tools

b) Knowledge of how to use each of these tools effectively

c) The ability to discern which sites have marketing value and which do not

d) The ability to gauge and intelligently discuss the trends inherent in a given network

e) Knowledge of methods to maximize social marketing efforts across the widest variety of social networks

f) Knowledge of the different “cultures” in a social network

g) Continued study, the willingness to discuss and share what one is learning

h) A variety of options and strategies for a given customer or client

i) Knowing that more granular targeting = more work

j) Because of the above, the expert should be able to determine which effort delivers the most bang for the buck, and then leave that final decision up to you

k) Technical knowledge

To this list I would add the social media expert must have the ability to integrate social media with traditional marketing and other forms of promotion to create a truly integrated approach. All marketing efforts should play off of each other and reinforce one another. To me, that is the basic definition of integrate marketing.

What are your thoughts? Anything left out of the list? Leave some comments below and let us know!

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