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What Is Your Engagement Style on Twitter?

12 Aug, 2010 McKell Naegle

 There are many different approaches to tweeting on your company’s Twitter account, whether you are more independent in your posts, or you are more conservative to meet company standards. How do you decide which style will work best for you and your customers?  Mashable has the ins and outs of the different types of styles that are used and who they work best for.

Style 1: The Game Show Host

  • Your company is tweeting mostly about contests and special offers
  • The sense of community is not as important as people waiting to see if they won something
  • Mainly used by big companies that have a lot of money to spend on promotions

Style 2: Your Friendly Neighborhood Service Rep

  • Your company is mainly listening to your customers and engaging with them to solve a problem or take advantage of a sale opportunity
  • You are not starting the conversations, but reacting to them
  • Your personality only slightly shows, to align within company boundaries
  • Mainly used by larger businesses who have an emphasis on service and retail

Style 3: The Beehive

  • Your company encourages all its employees to participate in social media networks so that their company identities become their personal social identities
  • Mainly used by idea-based companies whose business is based on innovation, networking, and generating buzz

Style 4: The Community Builder

  • Your company’s tweets are delivered for an acquaintance, not a friend
  • Your followers are like-minded and have similar interests
  • You share non-business related links and quotes to keep their interest sparked.
  • Mainly used by businesses that have products and services that target a community with set values

Style 5: The Friend

  • You are the owner who knows all your customers by name and also hangs out with them
  • You tweet about updates and new products and also mix in personal thoughts and jokes
  • Mainly used by smaller, local businesses

Which style do you use?

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