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What is Apple’s social media strategy?

11 Aug, 2009 McKell Naegle


Have you heard?

iTunes 9 will likely include integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Last.fm.

Mashable provides some additional details about that rumor (courtesy of The Boy Genius Report) as quoted below:

At the heart of the supposed features is the ability to broadcast what you’re listening to, as well as an application – separate from iTunes – that would consolidate all of your social networking profiles. BGR says this app is comparable to Yahoo One Connect, a mobile application that the search media company launched last year.

While playing in the same arena as Facebook (especially post-FriendFeed acquisition) sounds like an unlikely route for Apple, it would clearly make sense for them to allow you to easily broadcast what you’re listening to, song purchases, and ratings/reviews to social sites.

One can easily imagine Facebook Connect and Sign-in With Twitter options being added to the product, with status updates that automatically include short links to the music (not to mention movies, tv shows, and apps) that a user is broadcasting about. That would directly translate to additional revenue for Apple, without requiring them to make significant changes to its iTunes strategy. Details, as with most things Apple, are scarce, but this will be a development worth keeping an eye on.

Would you use iTunes to integrate with social networking platforms? Is this a good move for Apple?

What are your thoughts?

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