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Welcome to Our Home (Offices)

28 Jan, 2021 Shain Wiederholt Fluid Culture

See for yourself how we’ve made the most out of working from home.


One of the best parts of working in the office is seeing how each employee and coworker brings out their personality in their workspace. Is there a drawer stuffed with candy? Do they have a collection of fun knickknacks? Do they have wallpaper, or is it just a bunch of Post-it Notes?

Home offices, though, are a whole other animal. On one end, they could be life-proofed versions of the desks you’d imagine, or they’re an employee’s teenage bedroom reincarnate (just being honest).

See for yourself where some of the Fluid magic happens now that we’re working entirely from home. Want some extra fun? Try to match each desk with a team member’s role.



“I hurt the dog’s feelings.”


Desk and Goat



“I like ‘stuff’, can’t you tell?”


Work From Home Desk



In response to the mini ring light: “There’s no light in this room. Or I’m self-absorbed. You decide.”


Work from Home



“Clearly my office has a theme of ‘I’d rather be on an island right now’.”


Work From Home - Island Getaway



“My cleaned-up desk.”


A very clean, organized desk.



“You can see who’s the boss of the house.”





“I spy a sweet chair, 32 ounces of sweet goodness and a dinosaur.”


Sweet Dinosaur



“My fabulous work-from-home photo. Featuring a cute baby (yes, I’m biased)!”


Cute Baby - Work From Home Life



“Lookin’ a little different these days as we get ready to move…”


Moving Time



“I have more kids I can add…and a fish!”



Full House - Work From Home




The dog pillow really ties the room together.


We call him Fluffy.




Answers: 1) Managing Partner / Director of Analytics, 2) Director of Operations / Senior Project Manager, 3) Director of Client Impact, 4) Graphic Designer, 5) Project Manager, 6) Director of Project Management, 7) Copywriter, 8) Social Media Marketing Manager, 9) Account Manager, 10) Chief Financial Officer, 11) Digital Marketing Manager


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