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Ways to Improve Your Mobile and Digital Automation

4 May, 2017 McKell Naegle

Are you starting a home service company? Are you having trouble marketing your services on mobile? Are you in any of these situations below?

  1. A major sale/event
  2. A new opening
  3. A new service you’re providing

Well lucky for you, I am going to walk you through some basic steps that can bring your mobile and digital automation up to speed.

First as we all know, it’s time to research and find your differentiating factor. Really hone in on the marketing, keywords that will get your service company in front of the right audience. Determine what the user experience, conversion path and completed conversion is. With this information, you can move to the next step of creation and decision making.

During this next step, want to create a client profile. You will take all the information from the first step and create a profile for each conversion path or goal completion. Determine who you want to target and decide which to implement:

  1. Zip code targeting
  2. IP targeting
  3. Email targeting
  4. Interest/behavioral targeting
  5. Search targeting

Each option provides a different advantage that your company can take to outrank and increase conversions on mobile devices. We are all constantly on our phones so what’s more location-based then targeting someone’s phone? It’s now time to execute your marketing plan for your service company. Just remember that it all begins with a little research, decision making, implementation and execution.

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