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Wanted: Fluid Studio Account Executive

23 Mar, 2010 McKell Naegle

So we’re not hiring an Admiral, but if you have been one you may be qualified for . . .

POSITION:        Account Executive

DEPARTMENT:    Fluid Studio

REPORTS TO:    President, Fluid Studio

Job Summary:  The Account Executive (AE) is key to maintaining the relationship between Fluid Studio and the client. AEs are the liaison between the client and the creative team to ensure the client’s needs and goals are being met on every project. The AE also helps manage pitches to the client, the client’s ad budget, and handles multiple client accounts at a time.

Job Description:

Performs initial job evaluation and development of schedule based on project parameters.
Works closely with Management and Creative personnel to ensure proper and timely execution of schedule.
Performs revisions of schedules and notifies all involved parties (both Fluid and client personnel).
Maintains database of project tracking to ensure all deadlines are met.
Routes all pertinent proofs, copy, etc. through Fluid and appropriate client personnel.
Participates in regular meetings with Fluid Manager & Project Manager to review status on all current jobs.
Participates in meetings as needed with Fluid designers & sales to assign new projects and review status on all current jobs.
Monitors and reviews all project requests sent to Fluid by clients to ensure they are correct and complete.  Notifies Fluid personnel if scheduling changes are necessary.
Monitors and reviews the time spent and profitability on different types of projects to help review existing benchmarks and set new goals to increase productivity and eliminate waste.
Ensures that all projects are completed by the due date and documents pertinent information regarding job progress.
Assists with building and maintaining client relationships
Assists with suggesting client campaigns and upselling current clients
Performs follow-up phone calls:
At least one per week to active job clients
At least one every two weeks to recently active clients
At least one per month to past clients
Provides creative options and new ideas to clients
Serves as second source of contact for client (after Business Development Specialist [BDS])
Delivers final projects to clients as necessary
Meets as needed with BDS(s)
Locates and acquires potential vendors
Builds/maintains relationship with vendors (print, labels, packaging, t-shirt, etc.)
Obtains vendor quotes
Manages specific vendors working on Fluid Studio client projects
Creates project estimates
Delivers estimates as necessary
Works with Creative Director in assigning designers to specific projects
Maintain positive relationship of leadership with designers
Reports to President of Fluid Studio

Required Skills:

Must be proficient in Microsoft Office applications and Adobe Acrobat; must be able to learn new software.

Must have an excellent grasp of basic mathematical skills.

Must be adept at multi-tasking and project management, possessing the skills to handle many projects simultaneously and keep projects moving on schedule. This calls for someone who remains cool under pressure and is not flustered by changes in schedule or changes in project specifications, priorities, etc.

Must have good written and verbal communication skills (i.e., the ability to communicate effectively in a positive, diplomatic manner via e-mail, phone, and in person with creative team members and Orbit personnel to encourage them and help them meet scheduled commitments and due dates).

Must possess a “can do,” positive, upbeat attitude.

Must be extremely organized and able to maintain and file product samples and packaging samples as needed.

Should be familiar with all forms of media buying and tracking (TV, radio, print, etc.)

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