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Using Pinterest to Benefit Your Company

13 Feb, 2012 McKell Naegle


Pinoholic: A person who not only enjoys spending their time on Pinterest, but can’t seem to get enough of it.

If “pinoholic” were a real word, I would definitely consider myself one! Ever since being introduced to this site last July, I enjoy expanding my creative mind with the ideas I find on Pinterest, one of the newest social networks. From discovering new recipes to finding future home decorating ideas, it seems to be endless.

So, what exactly is Pinterest? Launched in 2010, Pinterest is a place where users can organize their favorite links they find on the Internet. Users create “boards” on a topic that interests them then find links, known as “pins,” on the Internet. For example, if you love to cook like me, you can create a “Recipes” board then browse the web and find pins of your favorite recipes to place into your “Recipes” board. Pins are turned into pictures that go along with the site you find, making Pinterest the perfect visual- friendly site.

Pinterest allows users to browse pins already pinned by others. If a Pinterest user sees a pin they want to place in one of their own boards, all they have to do is “repin” the image. Users can connect with their friends and favorite brands to share and repin pins.

For ease and enjoyment purposes, Pinterest users can install a bookmark button that will let them pin practically any picture found online at any time. I frequently use this button on a daily basis because it is so easy to use.

According to TIME Magazine, Pinterest was “dubbed TechCrunch’s Best New Startup of 2011 and drew more than 7 million unique visitors in December alone; a vast jump from 1.68 million in September.” Also, comScore stated that Pinterest was “the fastest growing independent site to hit 10 million monthly unique visits in the U.S., while a new report claims it drives more referral traffic to online retailers than Google+, YouTube, Reddit and LinkedIn combined.

Recently, I have been researching how Pinterest doesn’t have to be used for entertainment purposes. Pinterest is more than a place where users can go and find crafts to make or recipes to cook. Many companies have been using the site to help benefit their brand. Here are some examples:

– Whole Foods uses Pinterest to post content based on reusing recyclable material and gardening tips to “inspire users to be healthy and environmentally conscious.”
– Nordstrom has created boards that relate to their current trends such as “Valentine’s Day at Nordstrom” and “Spring Trend.”
– The marketing department of Bag and apparel designer Kate Spade’s pin inspiring or eye-catching pictures that happen to fit well with the brand rather than pin products that Kate Spade sells.
– Land’s End has contests using Pinterest. Last month, they wrapped up a giveaway where 10 Pinterest users received $250 gift cards for creating boards of their favorite Land’s End products. This was a great publicity method for their company.

As you can see, Pinterest is not just a place for people to find ideas; it is perfect for helping companies to promote products and services as well.

Do you want to use Pinterest for your own company? Here are nine tips that you can use Pinterest to spread the word about your business:

– Spend the time – posting quality pins will give you a greater chance of having others repin your pins.
– Keep it simple – Pinterest draws people in because it is simple and easy to use. Make sure your pins and board go along with the simple-and-easy flow.
– Connect your physical presence with your online presence – Make sure your company connects itself with Pinterest. This means not only having your company on Pinterest, but having your Pinterest link possibly on your company’s website as well.
– Make sure your business is a match – Use Pinterest to connect with the demographic that will be interested in your company. (Ex: Fluid Studio can attract people interested in graphic design and advertising.)
– Use other social nets to feed Pinterest – Existing social networks such as Facebook can help point people to Pinterest.
– Launch a daily pin theme – daily pin themes usually lead to repeated visitors, and repeated users often repin your pins.
– Promote more than products – Post interesting tips and products from other companies. Pinterest users will appreciate your boards more if you do so.
– Follow the big hitters – By following big names on Pinterest, you will raise more awareness about your company.
– Selective curating – Pinterest is pefect for those people that enjoy “curating,” or separating the good from the bad.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Pinterest today and see why it has become one of the best social networks around!

I must warn you, however. If you currently have a busy schedule and can’t afford to have any distractions come into your life, do not, I repeat, DO NOT join Pinterest! You may become a “Pinoholic” yourself and not be able to stop pinning for hours on end!

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