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Using our Artistic Abilities for Good

16 Jul, 2010 McKell Naegle

Every month, Fluid Studio gathers the employees and has a creative staff meeting that is meant to help the employees be more creative. This month, one employee thought it would be good to use this staff meeting to not only produce good creative, but also good will.

“I knew that later this month I wanted to get everyone together to go sort food at the food bank, so when I was searching through the website to get more information, I saw that we could decorate boxes. We might as well help other people while we are doing something creative,” said Shannon Markham, art director at Fluid Studio.

The Utah Food Bank delivers food to residents in plain cardboard boxes. They are always looking for people to decorate them to give them a better appeal. The designers at Fluid Studio did just that.

“I really enjoyed painting food boxes for the Utah Food Bank. It not only gave us a chance to do a fun activity with fellow employees, but it felt so good to do something for people that are in need. I wanted to make the boxes fun so it would bring a smile to peoples’ faces as they received and opened them,” said Jennifer Barnes, Fluid Studio Senior Project Manager.

Later this month, Fluid Studio plans to spend an afternoon volunteering at the Utah Food Bank sorting food and filling the boxes they created.

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