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How To Use Google Drive

14 Jan, 2015 McKell Naegle

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage system that allows you to store essentially any file. It also gives you the option to create files through Docs (similar to Microsoft Word), Sheets (similar to Excel), and Slides (similar to PowerPoint).


You get 15 GB of storage space to start out, and you can purchase more space if you need it. Just about anything can be uploaded to Google Drive, including pictures, designs, drawings, recordings, videos, Microsoft Office files, and so on. Your Google Drive is also available from any computer, tablet, and smartphone. Your files have the ability to follow you wherever you go.


Google Drive also gives you the ability to share your files with others through invites or simply sharing the link to the file. Only you can see your files until they are shared. Once a file is shared, others can edit the document in real time as well as comment and chat with each other. The “share” feature allows others to edit your files. Also, when you share a file, you can give individuals different access levels—for example, you might give one person the ability to edit or but limit another person to viewing and commenting.


If you use Gmail, you can save any attachment within an email to Drive by hovering over the attachment and clicking on the “Drive” icon. Google Drive also features a great search feature that can search document text and recognize objects in pictures. This makes document finding much more efficient. Drive also has over 100 apps that can edit photos, draw, design objects, etc. All of the apps are available through the Chrome Store. You also have the ability to create forms, sign up sheets and surveys, then quickly organize them.


Once you are logged in to Google Drive, files are sorted into several categories: those that you have created (My Drive) and those that have been shared with you (Incoming). Simply click any file and it will open. To create a new file, click the “new” button on the left side and select whether you want a Doc, Sheet, or Slide format.

Google Docs


Google Docs allows you to create, edit, format, and style documents. You can choose from many fonts, tables and stylings to make your documents the way you want them. This is a free platform for all. As was stated earlier, you can share your document with anyone—this can be done by adding emails to the “share” feature. Sharing allows everyone to edit the document, as well as chat and comment with each other. Docs are also compatible with Word. You can convert files back and forth to make the editing process easier. Everything is saved automatically and you can edit things offline, as long the offline editing feature is enabled.







Google Sheets


Google Sheets, much like Microsoft Excel, has pre-loaded formulas, tables, and formatting options. These features help you save time and make spreadsheets building and other tasks easier. Sheets shares the same sharing and editing features as Google Docs. Also, you can switch between Excel and Google Sheets format. You can work on Sheets offline, and your documents are available anywhere, anytime.


Google Slides


Google Slides provides many presentation themes, fonts, animations and more. Like Google Docs and Sheets, it is available anywhere you go by simply logging into Google Drive. Slides allows you to share your files with others so you everyone can edit and comment. It is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, and you can work on it offline.


In all, the Google Drive system delivers a great system to create, edit, share and store files. It allows for easy collaboration and software compatibility. If you have any questions or experiences, leave it in the comment section!

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