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How To Use Adwords Keyword Planner

5 Jan, 2015 Dylan Kettering

What is it?


Google Adwords hosts a tool called Keyword Planner that allows you to complete keyword research on any word or words that you want to use as part of your business or personal use online. Keyword Planner comes in handy when posting blogs, articles, website information, etc. It will show you the frequency of words by themselves, or a pair of words that you want to use together, to see if what you’re posting will be found when people Google those words or a combination of those words.


How do you use it?


Step 1: If you haven’t already, your first step is to make a Google Adwords account. You cannot use Keyword Planner without one. While you are able to advertise through Adwords, you do not have to pay for an account just to use the tool.


Step 2: Once you’re able to log into your Adwords account, you’ll want to click on “Tools” at the top of the page and find “Keyword Planner” on the dropdown list and click on that.


Step 3: A page will appear that will give you four options: “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas,” “Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups,” “Get traffic forecasts for a list of keywords,” and “Multiply keyword lists to get new keyword ideas.”


To start, you’ll want to click on the first option, “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas.” This will give you several boxes to fill out with information in regard to your business or personal use.


Once you fill out the appropriate information, you’ll click “Get ideas,” which will load a page giving you a graph of how frequently the terms you entered are searched on Google. There will be two tabs below the graph, “Ad Group Ideas” and “Keyword Ideas.”


“Ad Group Ideas” will show you what key words or what combination of those keywords from your search that other ad groups are using. “Keyword Ideas” will give you information such as the average monthly searches, competition, suggested bid, etc., about your specific keywords, and it will also give you the same information about words that are relevant to your keywords.


Step 4: Once you have your ideas and list of keywords that you wish to use, you can go back to the Keyword Planner starting page and plug those lists into the second or third options provided (“Search volume for list of keywords and get traffic forecast”). Both of these options will generate a graph similar to the graph from the first keyword search.


The fourth option you’re able to select from the Keyword Planner options is to multiply two lists that you have created together. This will generate a list of the keywords combined to give you more keyword ideas that are being used and the possibilities of clicks and views that those keywords could create.


Keyword Planner is a fantastic tool. When used properly, it can help you generate titles for articles, blogs and anything web related, drawing more attention and traffic to your site. And really, isn’t the whole point of publishing online for people to read or share it?

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