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Twitter: A Big Win for Small Businesses

21 Oct, 2010 McKell Naelge

Twitter | Fluid Advertising

In a recent Small Business Round Table, three small business owners were asked questions about how they effectively use Twitter in their businesses.

Twitter is used by businesses of all shapes and sizes for customer service, lead generation, public relations, marketing, crowdsourcing, sales and sharing up-to-date information. Successes aren’t universal, though. Many businesses find it difficult to overcome the learning curve, learn the Twitter lingo, gain a following and sustain interesting conversation while providing value for followers.

The three small business owners were:



    • Lev Ekster, owner of Cupcake Stop, “New York’s First Mobile Gourmet Cupcake Shoppe,” founded in June 2009 and now complimented by a local fleet of cupcake trucks



Click here for the full interview.

(Interview and information is found at www.mashable.com)

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