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Traditional Television Advertising

18 Oct, 2016 Dustin Cederholm

Is traditional television advertising still worth it?



In today’s world, people are becoming more and more digital savvy, decreasing the amount of traditional advertising. There are over 2 billion active social media users and 12 new users are added each second. The increasing popularity of digital media has sent some traditional marketing methods into a nose dive.


Cons of Television Advertising

Television in particular has taken a large hit. Today’s consumers are more irritated with interruptive marketing, such as television, than ever before. With new advancements in television, such as DVR, people are more likely to skip advertisements altogether. According to a survey conducted by Arris, 60% of people record shows to avoid ads and 84% want to be able to fast-forward through TV commercials. Not only are people skipping ads, but less people are actually watching television. From 2011–2015, there was an 11% decrease in time spent watching television, according to Business Insider. More people are turning off their TVs in favor of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other services. These services are being used by seven out of 10 adults, a number that is only expected to increase over time.


With stats like this, one has to wonder why there are still ads on television.


Pros of Television Advertising

However, there are many ways television advertising actually can be relevant and useful. For example, older individuals aged 55–64, have only decreased their watch-time by 5% since 2010, while those over the age of 65 have had very little change in their television viewing habits. Television isn’t dying, it’s just evolving. New audiences are being targeted, new distribution channels are being tried, new types of programming are being implemented and new partnerships are being made.


There are also many pros to television advertisements. One of them is that you have a captive audience. You also have a wide range of time to reach viewers. This allows you to really connect to and engage with your viewers. There is also a large reach with TV ads. You are able to easily communicate with a large audience — and still able to differentiate specific market segments.


So, you have to decide.  Are television ads worth it?

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