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Top 4 Most Creative Websites of 2015

17 Jul, 2015 McKell Naegle

When was the last time you saw a website and actually stopped and appreciated your experience with it? In this age of technology, today’s designs are tomorrow’s garbage; the user experience is constantly changing as we develop newer and better ways to interact with our viewers.

This post is dedicated to pointing out a few websites that could serve as examples of creative designs leading the way.


Apple’s website is Steve Jobs 101: clean and aesthetically pleasing. You don’t have to be an Apple fan to appreciate that. Their home page is something digital marketing professionals beg their own clients to mimic. That is, pretty much everything is above the fold, which means when the viewer jumps to the page, everything they need to see or interact with can be seen without scrolling down. Studies have shown that the further you scroll past the fold, the less you’re likely to interact with what you see.


With everyone worrying about how their website looks compared to their competitors, being creative is key to standing out and attracting more visitors. Marvis Mint built a 3D navigation system on their website so when you click on something in their toothpaste display room—yes, you read that correctly—you move to that part of the room. As important as ease of design may be, user experience is just as important to make the viewer become more than a one-visit-wonder.


Today people want to get to where they want to be in as few clicks as possible. KFC’s home page wastes no time helping customers to get to their favorite menu items. With a Netflix-like scroll system, you can find your order right away in a slider at the very top of the page. This lets the viewer become the decision maker and save the details for when they click where they want to be. It cleans up the process and makes for a happy customer.


Not only do they have a killer event every year called Questival, but they also have a fun website. It has everything that seems to appeal to today’s generation: a sense of adventure, clean and easy navigation, a bit of humor, and a chance to support a group who fights poverty. What makes this website great is that any viewer can tell that Cotopaxi knows their target market. When designing a website, it doesn’t matter how great it looks if it isn’t geared towards the people who you want to look at it.
This is only the beginning! These websites I’ve pointed out have some creative elements that can help point you in the right direction for a successful website design. Finding the right web design for you lies in your own ability to harness your creativity, because that will be what sets you apart.

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