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My Top 3 Favorite Direct Mail Pieces

14 Oct, 2016 Alex Naylor

Direct mail is traditional, but when it is combined with creativity the results can turn out very interesting and surpass a lot of current advertising. The following direct mail pieces that you’re about to see, are probably, in my opinion, the most creative out there.

Take notes! This might be useful for your business If you’re willing to do an award winning direct marketing piece.

  1. Together Sweater


The Together Sweater was designed to fit multiple people, and was sent to consumers of Target and Toms to help promote the message of togetherness. For every purchase the store would receive a donation would be made to a family in need. Victoria Justice and Meghan Trainor, known celebrities, cozied up in their sweaters and shared the joy online, creating a contagious cultural moment around the partnership.

I love how this piece of clothing brings a strong idea about friendship that matches the holidays season! Who wouldn’t love to receive this on mail?

2.Sausage Party invitation

This was created to build hype around WVRST’s grand opening, these are t-shirts packaged as sausages wrapped in butcher paper. This direct mail piece invited food critics, bloggers and other cultural influencers to what TAXI2 Canada dubbed “the sausage party”.

I love the creativity, and uniqueness of this direct mail piece. I had never seen something like this!


3. ADT Security System Box:

This one is my favorite. It’s probably a little too evil and would surely invite a frivolous lawsuit or two (oops) but the shock of seeing this would be pure gold. There’s a flat box that is engineered to pop up into a cube. But, this one is much larger and is slipped under the doors. The effect is that when someone walks in, they see this huge cube in their apartment that says “Breaking into your apartment is easier than you think.”

And guess what? it’s advertising a security system. Pretty cool!



I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and found it a source of inspiration if you’re planning on doing direct marketing.

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