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Tools We’re Thankful for

21 Nov, 2015 Dylan Kettering

With Thanksgiving coming up soon, it’s time we at Fluid Advertising tell you what we’re thankful for. I got together will some of our team and asked them what tools they couldn’t do without. Here’s what they said:

Thatcher, from digital marketing, likes Google Tools:

“I use Gmail, Google Drive, and even Hangouts. The best thing about Google’s apps is the easy way they work together and allow you to share your work with others. Not a day goes by that I’m not sending a Gmail, sharing a Google Doc, or communicating quickly through Hangouts. Google Tools are very simple and available online. They are a must for an office that relies on quick communication and the ability to quickly share and edit documents. They simplify my workday in many ways.”

Jon, digital marketing manager, is a fan of Moz:

“From a search engine optimization perspective, I have always relied heavily on Moz Analytics. It is an excellent tool that does a fantastic job analyzing websites and tracking keywords. It also has a section that monitors competitive data and crawl diagnostics. I also utilize the social feature to be able to see what types of posts are performing best across several social platforms.

“Another tool that I am grateful for that makes my life easier is Open Site Explorer from Moz. Being able to track site metrics accurately and quickly is invaluable. I find myself using the Spam Analysis tool more and more each day. It goes over each link pointing to your site and grades it upon how spammy it is. Obviously, any link with a high spam score should be taken care of.”

Doreen, account manager, really likes what Microsoft has to offer:

“I love to use Microsoft project to create timings. You can easily change the starting date and it would modify the complete timing if used properly.

“The second one is Microsoft Excel. It allows for great for calculations and project overviews to the client which is necessary for an account manager.”

Brandon from digital marketing is most thankful for Google AdWords Editor:

“It’s a tool that allows me to make bulk edits to AdWords accounts offline, and then upload the changes. It is very convenient, as sometimes I have to handle accounts that have literally over 10,000 keywords in it and dozens of different adgroups and ads. It is a major time saver!”

Zack in development, is thankful for Text Editor and Terminal:

“Coda is a fully equipped IDE (integrated development environment) so it has essentially every tool that I need to develop quickly and efficiently, built right in. It’s 1000 times better than any other text editor, in my opinion.

“Then there’s the Terminal. Everyone has it on their Mac, but few utilize it. We’ve taken the Terminal’s functionality and automated A LOT of our development processes. I couldn’t live without it.”

Ryan, creative director, is thankful for Photoshop:

“I’m thankful for Photoshop. Photoshop is one of the most valuable tools for creatives. However, Photoshop is somewhat like the guitar—It’s easy to learn to a basic level but extremely difficult to master. But the better you are at Photoshop, the more valuable you become in the industry. The reason I’m thankful for Photoshop is because it’s one of the best tools to make things look great. It helps you craft an image in a way that no other software can.”

These are some of the tools that we at Fluid Advertising are thankful for. What about you?

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