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Three Logo Design Trends to Avoid

5 Apr, 2018 Lala Phunkhang Web & Graphic Design

Logos are a graphic extension of the internal realities of a company.” – Saul Bass

Logo design | Fluid Advertising Logo Design | Fluid Advertising

Here at Fluid, we have an amazing team of designers that spend weeks, and sometimes even months, creating a logo and working on perfecting a company’s brand. We want to create something new, something fresh and something that truly is a stand-alone symbol for a client’s business. We try our best to keep up with the trends and get inspiration from vintage items and design ephemera. Because logo design and branding is such a key part of our jobs, and honestly, my favorite projects to work on, I thought I would write about some of the logo design trends that you need to avoid.

Okay folks, if you are currently working on a logo design project and your logo looks like the three trends I am about to share with you, hit the pause button and command + Z until your artboard is blank.

Overly Used “Hand-Lettered” Typefaces

You, yes you! I know you thought it was a great idea to use Thirsty Rough and Thirsty Script to make your logo feel hand-lettered, vintage and letter-pressed. Well so did everyone else and now it is time to put that typeface on the backburner and whip out your pencil or iPad Pro and create your logo by hand. Apply filters, get a new textured brush or add textures by scanning in layers on your wordmark to make it feel distressed. Typefaces like Thirsty Script don’t have that organic feel to the letters and don’t waste your time trying to modify the swooshes and flourishes. Creating a logo or wordmark by hand will ensure that it is original, something you meticulously perfected on every letter and something your client will be truly amazed by.

Archery Arrows and Anything You Would Find in a Hipster’s Home

Unless you are a “cool mom” stealing cliché sayings prints off Pinterest for your home decor, I would avoid using any of the following in your logo design process: archery arrows, axes, mustaches, anchors, multiple ribbons, laurel wreaths and antlers. Basically, anything that looks like it was made on hipsterlogogenerator.com is off limits. And don’t you dare use the typeface Lobster, either.

Chat Bubbles

When you ask your client what kind of look or feel they want in their new logo and they use the following words, run! Words like millennial, techy, hip, Silicon Valley, fresh and influencer. These clients are often the same ones that just realized social media was a thing, they envision themselves as a huge tech company or they will most likely advise you to add a chat bubble into your logo design. Just say “no”. Chat bubbles in a logo were cool when social media was first booming and you’d see start-ups using them in their logos. But it’s 2018 now and we have an app for just about everything, and the chat bubble is going to make your logo look straight out of 2013. Avoid it!

I hope this blog helps your logo designs stay woke.

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