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Tech Pilgrims: The Steves

20 Nov, 2015 Dylan Kettering

With Thanksgiving approaching, it’s time for us to embrace our pilgrim heritage. However, were going to add a caveat to what a pilgrim is for this post. This post will look at two of the most notable technology pilgrims, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Jobs and Wozniak co-founded Apple Computers along with Ronald Wayne. The two met in 1971 when Wozniak was in college and Jobs was still in high school. They started working on some electronics and computer projects.

Wozniak attended UC Berkeley and has been an electronics whiz his entire life. He also worked at Hewlett-Packard, focusing on mainframe computers. Jobs also worked at HP at this time and they became good friends. Wozniak would end up dropping out of UC Berkeley and eventually quit his job at HP to focus solely on Apple. He stayed at Apple through the seventies and wound up leaving in the early eighties. Since then, he has become a philanthropist, author, teacher, and has founded numerous tech ventures and companies.

Jobs was a interesting person. He was always viewed as a loner and had varying interests between engineering, technology, and literature. Jobs attended Reed College for a year but dropped out because he did not want to spend his parents’ money. He went on a journey to India in search of spiritual realization. Jobs would work for Atari to create a circuit board, but he would have Wozniak do most of the work. He started going to a computer club with Wozniak. From there, it’s all history.

The Steves had their first success with the Apple 1, something Wozniak developed almost exclusively. Jobs talked him in to selling it, and it turned out well. As a result of the success, Apple Computers was founded soon after.

Jobs spent a lot of time calling around for investors while Wozniak was developing code. Wozniak then designed the Apple 2, which included color graphics and built-in programming language. The Apple 2 went on to be the first successful mass-produced PC. After the Apple 2, Wozniak strayed away from Apple. Jobs would take Apple to become one of the most dominating tech firms ever, despite being forced out once and being asked to come back.

When you look around schools and work places you can see what these two have built. Apple computers are the computer of choice for many people. The Steves are two of the most influential tech pioneers ever.

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