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The Art of Creative Webinar Recap

4 Aug, 2015 McKell Naegle

For the month of July, Fluid focused on all things creative. To finish off the month, we presented our webinar on the art of creative. Our special guest was Lee Houghton, regional account manager at YESCO. Lee has years of experience in traditional media, with a focus on outdoor and billboard advertising. He joined Fluid’s digital marketing manager Dustin Cederholm and creative director Ryan Anderson.


Traditional vs. Digital


Both traditional and digital marketing are widely used today, and each has merit. Digital marketing allows maximum reach, targeted marketing, versatility, and immediate communication. Traditional marketing provides a more limited audience, global marketing, a lack of versatility, and at times, delayed communication. However, with the emergence of digital billboards and other new technology, the line between digital and traditional is blurring.


Creative Design


Creative design can be summed up by two key points:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Storytelling


When thinking about design, it is important to keep in mind the many different tools available, as well as the many different techniques. These tools include things such as: billboards, radio, TV, quotes, quizzes, and more. Creative techniques include: YouTube, Vine, blogs, augmented reality, and much more. It is important to keep storytelling simple while using multiple tools and techniques.


Improving the Creative Process


Creativity cannot be forced. It is important to give an idea the proper time to develop. Take the time to understand your audience. Go somewhere different, do something different. Often change is the best thing to help stimulate the creative process. Keep up on the latest trends, and try new things.


Billboards for Business-to-Business


In the world of outdoor advertising and billboards, technology almost always does well. In addition to this, a billboard can be a very useful part of a targeted campaign. If a business is trying to target a certain individual or department, then a well-placed billboard can be a great way to reach them. Placing a billboard in front of the target company, or near a freeway off-ramp can almost guarantee the message will be seen.


Creative Rebranding


The point of a creative rebrand is not to start over completely and throw everything out. The first step it to find what is already working, and build on that success. Logos are very important, as they can be very recognizable. From there you can expand to colors, fonts, and the rest of the brand. Consistency is key.


In Summary


The world of advertising is constantly evolving. Digital marketing is on the rise, but good traditional media is still very important. By keeping current and focusing on simple storytelling, creative designers can maximize their impact in the advertising world today.

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