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The 5 Best Ads of the 2018 Super Bowl

7 Feb, 2018 Alex Naylor Brand & Traditional Advertising

super bowl | Fluid Advertising

Super Bowl 52 has officially wrapped. Congrats to the Philadelphia Eagles for taking down the Goliath that is Belichick, Brady and the Patriots. It was a dramatic game right until the final whistle when Brady’s Hail Mary attempt bounced around in the end zone before falling harmlessly to the ground and allowing the Eagles to claim their first ever Lombardi Trophy.

In between all the drama, this year’s Super Bowl ads provided some much needed comic relief (and a staggering number of celebrity appearances) to the affair. And since we’re an advertising agency and not a sports network, we’ll spend the rest of our time here focusing on that. So without further ado, here are our top five ads from Super Bowl 52:

1. Tide

Tide won the night in a landslide with its clever “this is a Tide ad” campaign. Time and again, they set us all up, thinking we were watching a commercial for some other brand (Old Spice and Mr. Clean to name a few), only to twist it around to be about Tide. Not only is the initial message spot on and very cheeky in itself, but it played mind tricks on all of us and had us wondering if every commercial was in fact going to turn into a Tide ad — even when it didn’t.

2. Doritos/Mountain Dew

These back-to-back spots, called “Fire and Ice”, use two unlikely celebrity endorsements in an even more unlikely way. Both Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman spend their respective 30 seconds lip-syncing rap songs (and doing it quite well) in promotion of their brand. The Doritos spot starring Dinklage is especially funny and well done on his part.

3. M&Ms

Danny DeVito was the perfect choice to play the red M&M come to life. He just looks so much like an M&M. This weird, quirky spot feels almost like a bit out of DeVito’s TV show, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, which is a nice departure from past M&M Super Bowl ads as well, showing there is reward in the risk.

4. Verizon

While this year’s Super Bowl was about comedy more than anything else, Verizon went another direction with its “All Our Thanks” spot, putting a well deserved spotlight on first responders across the country. What makes this ad so powerful is that it’s almost not an ad at all. In fact, until the last five seconds, there isn’t any branding or a pitch for Verizon, making the message feel more earnest. We could all take a page from that.

5. Amazon

In a night chock-full of celebrity appearances, the “Alexa Lost Her Voice” ad took it to a completely new level, including a cameo from the Amazon CEO himself, Jeff Bezos. The only problem with this ad is, now we’re all wishing those celebrities were actually the voices of Alexa when we ask about the weather in the morning.

Didn’t see your favorite up there? Let us know about it in the comments.

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