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Target your social media goals

28 Dec, 2010 McKell Naegle

Social Media Goals Fluid Studio Salt Lake City Utah

Here are 5 elements to make sure you consider with each of your social media goals to make them focused and effective:

1. Humanistic: make sure your goals are focused on individuals, rather than entire groups of people. Target the heart of the matter by thinking of questions such as, “What is this individual like?” “What problems do they have that I could help solve with this endeavor?” “In what ways could they resist?” “What specific action(s) do I want them to take?” This will help you make sure your goal is not only realistic, but has the best chances of succeeding.

2. Actionable: It is fine to have a vision and take a risk with your goals, but make sure the people you are targeting know what you are asking them to do, and can actually do it! It might help to break your goal up into parts: what you are trying to reach in the end, and the short-term elements that will help you reach that end point.

3. Testable: Make sure you have clear objectives and deadlines. Creating a timeline with specific deadline is often helpful. This will give individuals accountability and a way of measuring progress. This also helps break down a process so you can see potential problems as they come along, instead of all at the very end. On the flip side, achieving smaller successes more often is positive reinforcement, and works as a motivator.

4. Clarity: Don’t try to set too many goals at once! Doing this can actually work against you. It can cause you can lose focus, or get frustrated feeling like you are being pulled in too many different directions. Be very specific in your goals and reward yourself for what you achieve along the way. This increases your satisfaction and commitment to see the goal to its completion.

5. Happiness: Make your goals not only meaningful to those you are trying to reach, but also to yourself! How can you promote something successfully if you aren’t committed to it? Just because a goal’s purpose is to maximize profit or increase sales, it might not be the right motivating factor to help you achieve it. The thought of reaching your goal should make you feel so good that you can’t help but put your all into seeing it through. Also, make sure the people you are targeting know why you are doing what you’re doing. They will be much more likely to support it if you have a compelling backstory.

There you have it – good luck in your social media goals for the upcoming year! Please contact Fluid Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah for any social media questions!

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