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Super Bowl: The Winners and Losers

3 Feb, 2015 McKell Naegle



Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone and as the dust settles, it is clear who the real winners and losers were, ehem, Pete Carroll. Being an advertising agency, we were less concerned with the play on the field, (but really, PETE CARROLL!) and paid more attention to the commercials and brand strategy. We had a lot of fun joining the conversation on Twitter and decided to evaluate the real winners and losers.

 First of all, these companies were spending an enormous amount of money. A Super Bowl spot isn’t cheap, folks. The average spent on a :30 second ad was 4.5 million dollars. Some basic math tells us that’s 150,000 per second!

 Were those dollars well spent? Read on to see the verdicts delivered by the numbers and social media.


The Winners


  1. Lost Dog // Budweiser


What would the Super Bowl be without a Puppy ad from Budweiser? The internet let the lost pup pull their heart strings, and did the only natural thing in a situation such as this; they tweeted.



Dawwww! Mega points for cuteness.

— Fluid Advertising (@GetFluid) February 2, 2015

2. The Brady Bunch//  Snickers




Snickers stuck to what it knows, and continued their, “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry” campaign. This spot features some great celebrity presence and an awesome zingger at the end.



Always followed Dove’s lead and captivated America with an empowering ad. Through the use of hashtags, this ad really took off. We suspect this is just the beginning from the people at Always.


  1. Revenge // Clash of Clans



I love Clash of Clans, so maybe I have a bias. All the same, this ad left most of us laughing. SuperCell also picked up quite a few social actions following the spot. This ad was better than the other 2 game ads because of the story it told. Yeah, it featured Liam Nieson, but more importantly, he was in a coffee shop playing while he waited for his order. Nicely done, SuperCell.


The Losers:


Make Safe Happen // Nationwide



What would this blog be if we didn’t rip on Nationwide’s commercial. Nationwide is NOT on your side, they killed a child!


Worst Play in Super Bowl History + Worst Ad = Best Meme #Nationwide #WhatWereYouThinking pic.twitter.com/ErCPxlqJhL

— Buckeye Nation (@Buckeye_Nation) February 2, 2015




With Dad // Nissan




Dads were a big trend this year. Nissan left us asking, what and why!




What were your takeaways from the Ad Bowl? Let us know in the comments if we missed anything.



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