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Street Marketing

11 Jun, 2015 McKell Naegle

Remember that one time Folger’s turned a manhole cover into a steaming cup of coffee? Or that one time Taco Bell “bought” the Liberty Bell? Both of these are examples of street marketing, a subset of guerrilla marketing where companies use unconventional means to promote their product. The idea was created as a tool meant for small businesses because of its low cost, but it’s also often used by big corporations because of how effective it can be in getting people’s attention. The key to street marketing is creativity. If you work through the process and use your imagination, you can save yourself quite a bit of money.

The first step when planning a street marketing campaign is deciding where it could be implemented. For it to be specifically street marketing, it needs to be in a public place like a beach, cultural event, or main road. It’s important to check up on any rules and regulations that might be in place regarding advertising in the areas you’re interested in. Getting in trouble with law enforcement may not reflect very well on your company.

The next step is to analyze your target audience. Different forms of advertising will work for different types of people, which means that this step is a crucial part of the creative process. The most effective street marketing campaigns also find a way to combine technology and unusual ideas. That way, you catch people’s attention with the novelty of the situation and increase the virality of your campaign. Word of mouth is the most effective way of getting your name out there, and technology has created the perfect opportunity for you to use that.

Finally, the secret ingredient to any successful street marketing campaign is imagination. That may sound like something that belongs on a cheesy motivational poster, but in the end it’s true. The best way to catch a customer’s attention is creativity. Make sure they remember you, and the return will be evident.

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