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South Davis Community Hospital

12 Mar, 2008 McKell Naegle


“Fluid Studio has really helped us with our branding and marketing efforts! They are easy to work with and extremely talented.”
-Susan Jensen, Director of Marketing, South Davis Community Hospital


Align the divisions of South Davis Community Hospital (SDCH) in creating a common family brand and synchronizing marketing efforts.


Prior to Fluid’s branding efforts on behalf of SDCH, the hospital felt that their audiences were unaware that the multiple services they offered were all complementary parts of the same facility. Since the hospital offers the community multiple services (e.g., home health, hospice, assisted living, elderly and pediatric services, long term acute care, skilled nursing and multiple therapies), the marketing efforts weren’t synchronized amongst the various divisions.


To improve community education and public perception of the hospital, the final logo (developed by Fluid Studio with significant input from the client) depicts the continuum of care provided by the facilities and services that make up the campus of SDCH. The textured feel of the weave motif reveals the interrelatedness of the services offered and portrays the continuum of care offered by the different but complementary facilities.

Fluid Studio created a family of individual facility and care unit logos that were derivatives of the main SDCH logo. To help solidify the idea that all services and facilities were part of the main campus of care at SDCH, each uses the same visual motif but has a distinct color and text subheading to identify it as a unique but related entity.

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