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Some SEO advice for Bill Gates

3 Feb, 2011 McKell Naegle

SEO. Search Engine Optimization. This tricky little technique is how to get noticed on the web. SEO is the process of improving visibility of a website or specific web page through search results.  SEO done well, researches how Google, Bing, and other top search engines function and what specific keywords people are using to accomplish their searches. Fluid Studio is an Utah SEO company that employs several SEO specialists who spend hours each day optimizing websites and improving the techniques that will, in turn, improve your search engine rankings.

While SEO is an ongoing process and should be conducted by professional SEO specialists, one thing you can personally do to help rank better is to improve your page names or “Title Tags” of your website. This can be a little confusing for most people, but would you believe that even Bill Gates has trouble with this?

Danny Sullivan, founder of the website Search Engine Land, and author of A Webmaster’s Guide To Search Engines, recently gave some free SEO advice to Bill Gates. Bill Gates the Founder of Microsoft. Computer whiz. SEO novice? Here is one major mistake Bill Gates was making on his personal blog that was affecting his rankings.

Title tags, or what you name your pages on your site, are one of the most important elements in your control, this is the text search engines will “read” to see what your page is about and will then use as a title when your page is listed.

A search for “Bill Gates blog” performed by Danny Sullivan on Google ranked his page 4th.  A fake Bill Gates blog even outranked him!

Sure you may chalk this up to Google being biased against Microsoft and Bill Gates, but the same search performed on Microsoft’s own Bing search engine did not even show his blog at all. Bill Gates titled his website “The Gates Notes” making it almost impossible to find for people who don’t know the exact title.

The recommendation for Mr. Gates was to change the title tag from “The Gates Notes”, to something very similar like “The Gates Notes – Official Blog of Bill Gates” That way people who know the name of his blog can find it as well as those searching for “Bill Gates Blog”  because those keywords are now located in the title.

Another title tag mistake Bill Gates was making was using the same title tag for every page of his site. Why is this such a big mistake? The example Danny Sullivan gave Mr. Gates was an article written by Bill Gates, relaying his experience in Sundance. Danny Sullivan did a quick Google search for “Bill Gates Sundance” Everyone’s pages who had written about Bill at Sundance was showing up, but Bill’s actual blog post wasn’t. This lies in the fact that the title of that webpage was still “The Gates Notes” Ideally each page within your web site should have a different title that directly reflects the page’s content.

Whew! How can we hope to do better at getting our pages ranked than Bill Gates himself? We breathe, take some advice from someone who knows, and put it into effect. Since the time this advice was given to Bill Gates, he has made some SEO friendly changes to his site and a simple search for “Bill Gates Blog” in both Google and Bing now rank his official blog number one!

If you’re Salt Lake City valley would like to reach people outside your immediate area, or if you would just like to see more traffic to your website, it can be done with a few simple steps: change those title tags, and get some professional SEO work done for you.

For more information on that contact the SEO specialists here at Fluid Studio. To read Danny Sullivan’s entire article of SEO advice for Bill Gates go here.

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