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Social Media Strategy: How to Steal Traffic

25 Sep, 2015 McKell Naegle

Social media is an important tool that can be very effective in raising awareness about your brand and engaging with customers. Building a social media community can be a long and time-consuming process, but one effective way of hacking the system is by legally stealing your competitors’ followers right out from under their noses. Here are some tips on how you can tap into an already established fan base to help grow your own.


Research what they’re doing right and wrong

One very useful tool for comparing your social strategy with your competitor’s is Fanpage Karma. It lets you plug in your social account information as well as the names of your competitors; it then compiles data on best and worst performing posts, the most effective types of posts, and engagement rates. Comparing your strategy to your competitors’ allows you to see what’s working the best for them. Analyze the data and incorporate more of what seems to be working into your strategy.


Research what days they get the most engagement

Fanpage Karma allows you to see what days you and your competitors are posting versus what days and times your followers are most often on social media. Make sure these times align. It’s also important to check if your competitors are missing the times their fans are on social. If their fans aren’t receiving the content they want when they want it, you could be the one to step in and give them what they need.


Be helpful

Become an active part of a competitor’s community. If there are questions being asked on their posts that aren’t getting answered, be helpful and offer your services. Avoid being too aggressive with your advertisement so you don’t come across as disingenuous or annoying. Your competitors may block you from their community if they feel you’re just sticking around to steal their customers. Instead, establish yourself as a genuine and helpful source of information. People will appreciate your insight and come to you in the future instead of your competitor.
Establishing a community on social media will benefit your business in many ways, but it doesn’t need to be an uphill battle. By using these tricks you can give your social media channels the boost they need to create a community and amplify your brand.

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