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Social Media for Business: Instagram

15 Sep, 2015 McKell Naegle

Instagram is a very useful tool for marketers looking to raise awareness of their brand and engage with their customers. Lucky for you, we’ve got a few pro tips for anyone that’s looking to give it a try.

Get Familiar With How It Works

Before you start using Instagram for business, consider using it in your personal life, if you don’t already. This can help you become familiar with how the app works (in a low-risk way), as well as show you how your customers will most likely interact with your content. Instagram also has a blog dedicated to using its site for business. You can follow it to learn more about the best ways to interact with your customers using this platform.

Balance Work and Play

Social media is a very good way of displaying your company’s culture. By showing the fun things that happen during the day, you add humanity to your brand. People are attracted to genuine people, not businesses or corporations. Taylor Swift’s Instagram account balances this very well. She mixes photos of her work and concerts with photos of her cats, friends, and family. Swift is known for being very involved with fans on social media and uses the tools very well to connect with current fans and expand her audience.

Cultivate an Audience

Make sure you connect your different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to your Instagram so that your followers on both platforms can find you. It’s also good to strategically follow back your followers. Find influencers and create a relationship with them by being mutual followers. Hashtags are another way of broadening your Insta audience. Find relevant and popular hashtags that you can use on your posts and incorporate them each time. Instagram has a limit of 30 hashtags on each image, but most people try to avoid doing more than five. We’ll leave the final amount up to you. Engaging with followers is another way to increase your audience. Instagress is a very useful tool for automating engagement. You can put in your account information, tags you’re interested in looking through, click go and voila! Instagress will automatically go and engage with people’s posts, minimizing the work for you while maximizing the amount of people that are aware of your brand.

Analytics, Analytics, Analytics!

Data analysis is vital for any company that wants to improve their marketing strategies. Luckily, there are a few very useful tools built specifically for Instagram, one of which isIconosquare, a tool that provides a whole lot of data as well as letting you browse Instagram right from their interface.

With a solid strategy and effort, Instagram is a very useful tool for businesses looking to create a specific tone for their brand. Remember, not every social channel may be best for your company. Ask yourself, should your company be on facebook? Good luck!


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